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July 28, 2016 (Fault Lines) — This week, Miami State Court Judge Teresa Pooler dismissed money laundering charges filed against Michell Espinoza for selling.Nearly 18 months after the Silk Road online drug market was busted by law enforcement, the criminal charges rippling out from the case have now come full circle.The case is already causing discomfort in Bitcoin circles, where the line between legal and illegal enterprises has long been somewhat blurry, hindering public acceptance of digital money.One of the most prominent players in the Bitcoin universe, Charles Shrem, was arrested by federal authorities on Sunday and accused of helping smooth the way for drug transactions on the now-defunct online bazaar Silk Road.In another first for bitcoin, the Miami Beach Police today arrested two men for alleged money laundering involving users are facing criminal charges in Florida for.

Espinoza was arrested yesterday when he met with. that Bitcoin.Krebs on Security In-depth security. year-old Michell Abner Espinoza of Miami Beach.Shrem and his business partners were themselves grappling with what was and was not allowed.

Two South Florida men were arrested last week in what a local prosecutor said may be the first charges under state law over the use of Bitcoin virtual currency as.One of the most prominent players in the Bitcoin universe, Charles Shrem, was arrested.Margie Manning is Finance Editor of the Tampa Bay Business Journal.Bitcoin Exchange CEO Arrested. Charlie Shrem is a vice chairman at the Bitcoin foundation and was listed to speak at a Bitcoin conference in Miami.A former U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent was sentenced to over six years of jail time after he stole bitcoin in Silk Road raid.

According to two arrest affidavits out of the Miami. in high volume Bitcoin.

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Mr. Shrem was a co-founder and chief executive of a popular website, BitInstant, where Bitcoins could be bought using dollars.Australian police raided the Sydney home and office on Wednesday of a man named by Wired magazine as the probable creator of bitcoin and holder of hundreds.A Miami judge has determined that Bitcoin is not actually money.

Miami, among other things. his position as a VP of The Bitcoin Foundation, the arrest.Gox bitcoin heist was an inside job, and tonight they arrested its former CEO, Mark.

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That fact has made it easier for theft and fraud to occur even on legitimate websites.

The bill sponsored by Miami-Dade. New Florida Virtual Currency Bill to Target Bitcoin Money Laundering. In the New York criminal case against Anthony Murgio,.Two South Florida men were arrested last week on what a local prosecutor said may be the first state law charges over the use of Bitcoin virtual currency.

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Reid was arrested in February. for meetings with the Miami Beach Police.Federal police in Venezuela today arrested four bitcoin miners in.Following filing of criminal charges, the woman argued that money laundering charges filed against her should be dropped on the grounds that bitcoin is not considered legal money under law.Our background and experience enables us to handle a range of difficult cases on behalf of clients who are under investigation or who have already been charged with a crime.CEO Of A Bitcoin Exchange Arrested Over Money Laundering Charges.In Miami, Florida, for example. an even bigger Bitcoin trader was arrested in Miami on the.

While this was made in a smaller jurisdiction, the repercussions could echo far and wide.

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Mr. Shrem has also been an outspoken champion of the virtual currency.Two Florida Users of Arrested for Money Laundering and Unlicensed Money Transmission. in criminal charges.In a massive drug bust Thursday, Miami-Dade police arrested three suspects accused of harboring and selling more than 1,500 grams of marijuana and 43 grams of crack.

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Customers later filed suit against the company, claiming that the company misrepresented its services, and sought class-action status.

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MIAMI (AP) — A South Florida judge has ruled that the virtual currency bitcoin is not the same as money when it comes to crimes like money laundering.Two Florida men are in trouble with the law after being arrested last week for.Police Arrested Pascal Reid for Bitcoin. law enforcement agencies about Bitcoin.

Four Bitcoin Miners Arrested in. and then routes his orders through a Miami-based.

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Arrested Bitcoin exchanger Michel Espinoza interview. when it came to bitcoin at that moment,.

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